The crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party are unsurpassed by any other organization in the history of the world. The CCP meets the United Nation’s definition of a transnational criminal organization. These atrocities need to end. Please sign this petition and share with others.

Crimes of the CCP


The CCP has killed tens of millions of its own people


The CCP started and propagated the COVID-19 pandemic, which killed more than 1 million people worldwide.

south china sea

The CCP has illegally claimed and occupied the South China Sea, impacting 1/3 of the world’s maritime trade.


The CCP’s campaign of forced organ harvesting against innocent victims numbers 60,000 to 100,000 transplants per year.


The CCP built system of massive dams on the Mekong River deprived tens of millions of people of their livelihood.


The CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative plans world domination through an economy based on Chinese debt traps.


The CCP has exploited and raided world’s natural resources, wreaking unprecedented damage to ecosystems.


The CCP imprisoned 1 million of Uyghurs in indefinite concentration camps.

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And many more …